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 in response to rita3...   sadly I'm in the same boat your daughter is in, except I am almost 25. everything else is the same though. I am embarrassed to smile, laugh or talk to people anymore because of the way my teeth look, and they keep getting worse. I always think that I might be pretty if I had better teeth, but what can I do about it? nothing. no one will help. I can't get on medicaid cuz I don't have kids and am over 21 and unless I want to go to the free clinic and have most of my teeth pulled, there is really nothing I can do. I hope it gets better for your daughter and you find some way to help her amidst all the greedy dentists.
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This is a great site , I still haven't found exactely what we need yet but I am still looking, I have a beautiful 23 year old daughter whose teeth are literaly rotting out of her mouth, she is is in pain all of the time and has a hard time eating because what teeth she has left hurt to bad, she if litteraly afraid to brush them any more because they are too sore and might break off, it breaks my heart to see her in so much pain and I don't know what to do to help her, if I had the money I would take care of it in a heartbeat, but my husband and I are self employed and we both work 7 days a week and live paycheck to paycheck. My daughter helps us out part time when she feel like it and her teeth don't hurt too bad, but we can't pay her enough to go to a oral surgeon, and the agency's around our town won't help her because she doesn't have children and live on the system, but our family wasn't brought up that way, we have always taken care of ourselves, but this unfortunately if out of our control, If you can offer any advise or contact me with someone who can help us I would gravely appreciate it, thank you for your time, a mother and daughter in need. Rita Perry 740-394-2429 or

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